How to Be Okay Being You!

There is always a conflict between the outer self and the real deep inner self. This generally happens as the outer self refuses to accept the presence of the inner self. However the reality is that if they accept the fact as they are, life would be much more fun to live. Read on how…

Is The You in You Okay?

Sounds ridiculous on the face of it. One wonders when I am I, then who is this I in me or you in you?

Well the question is not only well founded but right in place. It is surprising that a majority of people in the world don’t acknowledge their subconscious self or the inner “You.” The result is that we have masters and slaves. Masters of their destiny as they know their “me” in them, and, slaves- who refuse to get introduced to their inner self.

We all know that we have a conscious mind which reflects in our outer personality and a subconscious mind which is even deeper than the deepest ocean that controls our physical being. It is very important that the sub conscious mind sends positive signals to the physical you. A number of researches have been conducted on the correlation between the inner self and the physical being. It comes out strongly that if you desire to have positive outcome from your actions or thoughts, you have to feed your sub conscious self with positive thinking. It is seen that three factors influence your ultimate actions; these are your beliefs, your mindset and your self-control.

Your Beliefs

It is a known fact that one cannot run away from their beliefs, however one can alter, modify or change them by persistent and continuing positive thought process. Earlier people used to confuse their intuitive outcomes as a result of their beliefs; however the reality is that it is your beliefs which manifest into your intuition. If one want to succeed in any work, task or job, howsoever easy or difficult, they cannot reach their goals unless their belief system is in sync with the desired outcome. Remember, they say “you get what you believe.”

For a marketing professional, it is even more pertinent to tune his belief to a positive mode. If you don’t believe in the qualities of the product, how do you expect your leads or prospects to go ahead and buy it? Learn to tune your belief to the desired outcome; don’t carry conflicting beliefs full of “if’s and buts.” They may not be in sync with your goals.

There are quite a few things that you could do to achieve a positive belief system, these include meditation, manifestation, yoga, concentrated reading of self-development books. However one must ensure that you are in a positive environment, do not allow any negativity to influence your thoughts and mind.

Your Mindset

Personally I feel that mindset is in a way an extension of your belief system, as the mindset is a manifestation of your beliefs. The little difference being that mindset is more definitive, then tentative. It therefore assumes far greater significance in shaping the outcome of your efforts. For success in any task, a goal oriented mindset backed by a positive belief system is a prerequisite. The question now is if you can mold, reshape or change your mindset to target success, I would say yes! With professional training and guidance one can achieve a positive mindset. It should not be forgotten, that mindsets are formed by a combination of your beliefs and personal experience in a particular task or situation.

Your Self Control

Focus, commitment and disciplined approach will determine your self-control, influencing your results. Of course it must be backed with a positive belief system and an equally supportive mindset. Self-control will help you in not tumbling on the trap of desire, greed and fear. It will teach you to use your emotions to think for you and your beliefs, the traps are when the mind starts thinking emotionally and here you lose rationality and logic. Fear of failure, greed for more and irrational desires are the biggest roadblocks for exercising self-control as they offer temptations for momentary and short-term gains. This illusion must be avoided with all emotional force at your command to remain on track.

There are many proven exercises to tune your belief, mindset and self-control mechanism. These need to be practiced daily in a positive frame of mind and environment. I recently came across an excellent resource full of audio and video recordings which not only teaches you how to bring your beliefs, mindset and self-control in sync with your goals and objectives. Further they also teach you how this state of mind will help you attract prosperity and happiness’

Remember to succeed in anything that you do, your “you” in “you” needs to be okay with you!

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