7 Must-do’s For Greater Success with Social Media Marketing

In the real world, we’re quite mindful of how we conduct ourselves professionally. It’s not all that different when it comes to the social media. Just like you’re unlikely to walk into your office dressed in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian tee shirt, your personal posts should not make their way into your professional profile and neither should you inundate your personal timeline with business related content. If you’re able to remember that fine difference, you’ll be fine.

Importance of Keywords in Digital Marketing

One of the biggest challenge in content marketing is the indexing of your content on the first page of search engine’s website like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This cannot be achieved unless your article, blog or content is optimized with high converting key words. You can spend time and effort to do it manually or take the help of known software. The choice is yours. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Four Percent – 7 Steps to Results Guide – Download Your Guide To Success!

Success is not a low hanging fruit on a tree that one could pluck and succeed. It is something that needs to be earned with immaculate and detailed planning, strategic actions and being thankful to all those who helped you succeed. In this free book you will learn the steps, strategies and tactics to be successful. Read on and succeed.

Is Knowledge Power? Think Again

What do you say, is knowledge really power? If it is so, then why even in countries that have such impressive literacy rate, the wealth distribution data is so lop sided. Half of the Global wealth is shared by just around 1% of the richest people. How can knowledge then be termed as power? In my understanding, a literate person acquires knowledge and therefore power.

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success Go Reach Out and Achieve Your Dreams!

Have you been blaming external factors for your lack of success? Maybe you should look inward and find out if the real problem isn’t within you. Are you looking forward to success or secretly hoping that it never comes your way?

4 Percent – 7 Steps to Success In Life – Step 5: Believe It Is Possible

The success in any task or assignment can only be achieved only if you have firm belief that you can succeed. A firm belief in one’s ability to not only succeed but succeed in a manner that it sets an example for the followers. Any element of doubt will only help the failure to embrace the person trying to achieve them. Read on how to succeed in your mission.

Do Others Influence Your Decisions?

Sometimes I wonder why people are hesitant to take decisions on their own knowing fully well that not taking decision on an issue could adversely harm their own interests. Here we discuss the conflicts in decision making, how others views can influence your decisions and how to come out as a winning decision maker.

How to Become an Online Influencer: 10 Super Easy Hacks

The ultimate goal of any form of marketing, be it print in media, display media or digital is only one, that is to influence the mind of the consumers. How would that get boosted if the marketing message was delivered by an influencer like a celebrity or a known expert in the field? Won’t it get accepted much more easily and many more times? This is the power of influencer marketing. Read on how to do it…

4 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Opening a store or designing a website is the first simple step towards establishing your own business, the most important part is to attract the buyers and customers. There is no business without the customer or what people also refer to as the traffic. In this blog we discuss 4 simple strategies that can help you in attracting traffic to your store or website. Read on…