Hotels Would Love to Serve You Over and Over Again, If…

Your hotel experience is enhanced when the staff carefully tends to your likes and dislikes. They take your preferences into account while providing their services. But, as they focus on making your hotel stay top-notch, you too must be considerate about their efforts and be mindful that your behavior does not hinder them from doing their job well. Read on to find out more.

How Mobile Keys Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has seen a change in the tides after the COVID-19 pandemic and the guests’ preference for contactless experiences. From mobile check-ins to virtual keys, we see why the industry needs to transition from the human to the technological.

F&B Menu in Hotels Evolve; Become Major Revenue Drivers

While the pandemic created havoc in the hospitality industry, it also provided an excellent opportunity for the Food and Beverage operations in hotels. The F&B concept have become more dynamic, customer centric and responsive to post pandemic needs. All this resulting in F&B operations becoming a major revenue earner in hotel operations.

Will 2021 Really be the Year of Recovery for Hotels?

One of the first soldiers to fall to the attack of the coronavirus pandemic that enveloped the entire world in 2020 was the hospitality and tourism industry. But ever the survivor, it adapted to the demands of the time and began its journey towards recovery. A year on, the going is painfully slow, but steady nonetheless.

Are Hotels’ Pandemic Service Cuts Becoming Permanent?

In the wake of the huge revenue setback received by the COVID-19, hotels have been cutting their services for the guests, laying off their staff, and moving towards automation. However, as service cuts make way for automation and eventually revenue-generation for hotels, announcing the cuts as permanent might be ambitious.

Will Domestic Travelers Boost India’s Tourism Sector?

There was a time when Indians took pride in traveling to foreign locales and swapped stories with their friends on what exotic destinations they’d holidayed in. However, post-pandemic travelers are happy to just be out of the confines of their home and local destinations are a safe bet. Could this lead to the revival of the Indian tourism sector? I hope so …

Witness the rise of a new WFH – Work From Hotels!

Pandemic has made visionaries out of hoteliers. In generating new revenue streams due to the losses concurred, hoteliers have begun a new WFH trend – Work from Hotels. A trendy solution for travelers that started with big hotel chains is now extended for lavish resorts and aims to provide an amenities-studded remote working environment.

Could Wellness Tourism Provide the Boost Hospitality Industry Needs?

Post the pandemic and after travel norms have been relaxed, it almost feels like the only natural thing for people to do would be to seek out wellness related initiatives. And it’s quite possible that this desire to put the disease behind us could be the impetus the hospitality industry needs to put it back on its feet.

Is Airbnb Showing Hotels the Way Again; How to Bounce Back from the Pandemic?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has shambled off down as one of the worst affected sectors. Amidst the gloom, Airbnb once again rises to the top, utilizing their expertise and swiftly transforming themselves to make the best out of the present-day travel scenario. From refunding bookings amounts to offering experiences online, they have been able to engage and retain their two primary stakeholders – guests and hosts. Here is what the hospitality industry can learn from Airbnb on how to win a battle against Covid-19.