Importance Of Weight loss In Wellness

Healthy living is everyone’s dream and desire. How many actually succeed in actually achieving their wish. Well being in simply not looking well on the personality side but feel well within. Body weight plays the most important role in your true well being. In this book I have discussed various plans, strategies and actions that can help you not only look well but feel well.

Have you ever noticed that human beings are only species on the planet that tend to put on weight and end up with problems like morbid obesity?


That’s right. No other animal, when left in its natural environment, will get unnaturally fat. Being overweight is not something that nature devised for its creatures. It’s 100% mad made, and it’s a disease that’s spreading at a rapid rate.


With increasing levels of income, people today indulge in mindless consumerism. This is especially true when it comes to food. People have stopped eating for nutrition; they now eat to pander to the cravings of their taste buds. And when you take into consideration the hunger and food deprivation that’s ravaging the third-world, obesity becomes all the more terrifying.

As a health enthusiast, I was deeply troubled by this phenomenon. So I started reading up on the matter. And the more I read about it, the more convinced I became that staying fit had to be a practice cultivated by us together as a society.


Weight loss has more to do with staying healthy than dropping kilos for aesthetic reasons. It’s medically proven that being overweight can harm your body in more ways than one. And it also takes a toll on your self esteem and mental health.


Among children, especially, obesity cannot be tolerated. They must be taught the importance of staying healthy and being fit, because the future depends on them. And the only way to do that is parents model a healthy lifestyle to inspire their children.


With the hope of making a difference, I started writing a series of articles on weight loss. From diet to exercise to portion control to emotional well-being, I’ve covered a wide range of topics in my latest book “105 Weight Loss Solutions“. My aim is that by the time you’re done reading the book, you’ll have an all-encompassing knowledge about the topic, which, in turn, will help you take a more well-rounded approach towards losing weight and keeping it off.


Weight loss is a process. It’s a journey. And like any journey you may have undertaken, you know that it’s impossible cover the entire distance in one go. You start right at the beginning, and then move from one milestone to the other. Some are easier and the others a little more difficult. But you just stick it out no matter how hard it gets, because the rewards awaiting you at the end of the road are worth it.


I would like to invite you on this journey with me. Let’s travel together and come out on the other side with a healthier body, happier mind, higher self esteem, and at least a couple of waist sizes smaller!

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