3 Simple Techniques To Lose Weight Easy And Fast

Our easy lifestyle is the main culprit to give us those extra pounds on our body. How can we change our life style to remain healthier?

There is so much of noise on obesity, overweight and unhealthy life style. The news paper, health media, internet, they are all full of news, statistics and harmful effects that this life style menace has brought in the most advanced societies of the world. How to lose weight and remain healthy occupies the minds of all today.

 According to WIN, Weight-control Information Network, 33.8% to 68% of all adults in the U.S., over 20 years of age and between 25-to 30 body mass index are over weight. Of this, 33.8% to 64.1% are women and 32.2% to 72.3% are men. Alarming statistics, but unfortunately true. Who is responsible for this state of affairs as this could be a serious drain on the national health spending across the globe. Over weight condition is the seed to high-risk illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac conditions.

 Come to think of it rationally, we are ourselves responsible for this state of affairs. We have chosen a very easy and comfortable life style, which is brought to us courtesy our earning and spending potential. We do not allow our body to exert itself even a little bit. We eat convenience, packaged food, our food habits are wearied, we do not have even time to eat our food so we eat on our way to the office or while attending a phone. We have some how and somewhere lost the food discipline. Eat at three times, eat regularly, and eat good food and all those golden principles that we learnt playing with the Granny.

 When it comes to exercise, we and I mean most of us, except those with the lovely waistlines, hardly move our body. We do not walk; we do not climb up or climb down the stairs. Our luxury sedan carries us horizontally and a luxurious steel cage takes us up and down vertically. When did our legs walk last? At this pace of advancement in technology, I wonder if one day our body parts would even remember what they are supposed to do. Do you agree?

 It is time now that we took stock of the situation. After all, all that we will do is for our own body. Not for any one else. Lets start.

 1. Clean up the kitchen cupboard.

 Take out all those packs of chips, processed food and processed nuts etc. They deserve a place in the waste bin. From now on, your kitchen shelves and fridge will have place for healthy food, organic food and nutritional food. One has to also change the buying behavior. Take a wove never to buy these products again, not even on birthdays, at least for the time being. Remember if you don’t eat what adds to your fat, you don’t have to worry on how to lose weight and shed those extra pounds.

 2. Exercise regularly.

 Let your body do some physical exercise. If you are not fond of a gym, or simply do not get time to go to a gym, keep a simple tread mill in your basement or even in your office, I am sure your colleagues wont mind it. You can dictate your letters while on the treadmill or attend the phones while walking on the mill. There is even a simpler way to exercise. Start using the stairway to climb down at least five floors each day on your way out.

 3. Drink water.

 Thirdly, one should start drinking a t least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Detox your system. It will help flush out those extra pounds of fat and result is weight loss. Most of us are used to consume a lot of tea or coffee at our desks. This has to stop. Take tea and coffee in moderation, substitute it with water.

 Weight loss is not difficult, nor impossible. It only requires the determination to loose weight. What I have said here is not difficult; it is rather an easy way to get control of the body, loose weight fast and get it in shape. We can all do it and let us. After all healthy people make a healthy nation. All it requires is determination and commitment to look after ourselves.


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