3Tips to Help You Stay With a Balanced Weight Loss Diet

It is very easy to get a weight loss diet prescription from a dietitian but it is quite different to honestly follow the same and start getting results. If you are one with a weak will power to adhere to a strict diet regime, here are some tips that me come handy to get to your target without compromising your taste buds.

It is all very well to suggest a healthy and balanced diet, and say that it is the right way to lose weight fast, but quite another thing to be able to stick to a weight loss diet consistently. A lot of people struggle with their habits and addictions, whether it be calorie-rich sweets, oily foods or alcohol, and they find the effort to stick to a healthy diet very frustrating. If you are grappling with this problem too, here are some tips that can make your life easier and your effort more productive.


Dealing with Sugar Cravings


If you feel that you are addicted to sugar and can’t resist those sweet cravings, the simplest thing you can try to do is add more fruit to your diet. Just visit any fruit market, and you will find as great and exciting a variety in tastes as in any cake shop. The next time you feel your craving, pick up an apple, guava, melon or mango from the fridge. The one obvious downside of fruits is that they are expensive. However, it is unlikely that a couple of pieces of a seasonal fruit will cost any more than your favorite chocolate or a slice of cheesecake. Even unsweetened fruit juices can help you get over your desire for sugar. However, bear in mind that whole fruit is much healthier than juice.


Allowances for the Occasional Treat


It is also worth considering that switching to a balanced diet to get slim does not mean that you make drastic changes all in a week’s time. Such a rapid lifestyle switch will neither be sustainable nor enjoyable. If you enjoy your liquor, doughnuts, cake or favorite fried food, give yourself at least a day every week when you indulge a bit. Consider it a treat to yourself for making all the effort. A little indulgence will not damage your calorie balance, your health or your weight loss efforts. Instead, if you try to apply a militaristic discipline, you may just end up binging when your mood swings, and this will cause frustration and de-motivation.


Maintaining a Log


One thing that has reportedly helped a lot of people convert to a healthy and balanced diet is keeping a diet log. You may be surprised to hear this, but one is not always conscious of all the things one eats over the course of a day. If you begin to note down all the things you eat from breakfast to dinner, after a while you will become aware of your patterns and what exactly you need to alter about your diet. So, if you realize that the occasional cookie totals up to about 3 packets by the end of the week, you know exactly where to cut your calories!


Finally, remember that a healthy diet to lose weight fast needn’t be a boring diet. Milk, dairy products, unrefined cereals, breads and pastas, eggs, chicken, fish, lentils, beans fruits and vegetables are all very tasteful foods and lend themselves to thousands of exciting recipes. Nature did not intend that you bore yourself to good health!

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