1 Simple Strategy To Attract Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is a scientific yet fun way to communicate your message to your audience. However unless you know the audience, there is little chance of knowing what they want

How to attract traffic to my blog?

Looking for traffic to your blog? Well you have landed on the right page.

Here are a few tips to Increase Blog Traffic from very successful bloggers to take your blogging to the next level, read on….

People spend time in creating tons of content and wonder

I see thousands of blog posts in my niche everyday.


That does not mean I read them all?

I only read such content where I find a similarity in who I am, what am I looking for, Is the writer talking to me or to the crowd and has he successfully established that delicate cord of trust with me or not?

If I feel that a particular writer fulfills all my needs and requirement, I book mark his or her blogs and read them religiously unless the writer gives me a reason for not to.

So you see here is the secret of why despite writing and publishing tons of content, people only keep on wondering how to get traffic to their blog, why they don’t get readers?

On the other hand, there are writers who have people sitting with expectations to read their next post. They create viral blogs by invoking your curiosity and expectation.

All this leaves me with a lot to think, a lot to reflect on. Am I talking to myself in my blog or to the crowd? If I am doing this, I really need not wonder why people don’t read my stuff.

What should I do now?

Well the question is not so simple, but the answer is.

Yes it is as simple as sitting down and getting to know your reader. Get to know him or her in as much detail as your imagination can think of. You must know who are you writing for and talking to in your blog?

Let us for a minute assume that your reader is a young, aspiring graduate who is eager to have an early breakthrough in career, with money, with his love life and so on. Meaning that you have your reader who is looking for quick results, he is ambitious; he is impatient and has a lot of dream to fulfill.

Having mapped your reader’s profile, just think why would he come to read your post? He is not interested in what you write. All that he is looking for is “what is in it for me?” is your blog addressing that question? You will be able to find your solution, if you can fill the gap here, my readers come to my blog post because I help them with……..

Yes, this is the secret. The answer will give you the clear path to success. Let’s expand this a bit more.

How can your blog help your reader?

Write on topics he wants to read, give him solutions to his burning issues, guide him forward through your value packed post. The best strategy would be for you to sit back, think and come out with at least 15 to 20 topics, issues and problems for which he could be seeking resolutions. Give him those very solutions and you will see the crowd flocking your blog.

Having done all this, there still is a big question looming large. How can one find your post? We all know that the web world is deeper than the deepest of oceans. Here comes your post and site visibility and promotion part.

Is your site SEO friendly? Have you chosen high converting key words? Are you posting your posts to social sites also? Are you getting quality back links to your site? Remember that all your strategy falls flat if your site or blog post is not visible on the first page of Google. Traffic will only come to those few who make themselves visible.


Since we are discussing the strategy and Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website , I will not go into the next stage of list building, inviting them to your sales funnel and follow up back end promotions. Let’s keep these discussions for future blogs.

For now, I feel you should ponder over your reader, get to know him as closely as you can and concentrate on what he wants and how best you can address those needs through your blog.  Don’t just sit back, take action, write and give your reader what he is looking for.

I am a human and so are you. Do you think that I have successfully established that delicate cord of trust with you? I feel I have and look forward to seeing you on my next post.

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Don’t you think that you’re coming to this post is not a mere coincidence? Think about it!

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