Wake-up, Shakeup and Get started

People debate the difference between successful and not so successful; they often credit success to luck and blame not so successful to their not getting enough opportunities to succeed. Very few ever try to put their finger on the real cause, their inability to take bold decisions, take calculated risks, which is a trait of those who succeed in life financially or otherwise.

If there is any resolve that looks difficult or beyond ones imagination, it is the startup of any fresh venture. Your mind will come up with numerous  excuses and reasons to make you believe that you are not cut out to be on your own, what is the harm in your present 9 to 5 job, you get paid well, on the first of every month, there is security of job and so on. On you part, these are very soothing and comforting reasons to continue with your current routine, your job, as you will not have to face any disruption to your daily chorus.
However this is the very reason, we have almost 96 percent of the world working for 4 percent of entrepreneurs.  If we had the basic acumen to understand that it takes strong will power and determination to make money work for you, we would reverse the percentages of people who work for people and those who make people work. This power of will and determination is generally made to sleep and rest in the deep layers of our sub conscious as a result of our education system that teaches us to get good grades to get good, well-paying and secure jobs. It teaches us to work for money. It teaches us to earn to spend and borrow if we fell short of it. A modern day slavery concept marketed through sugar coated social, political and educational system.
So the first step towards your financial freedom is to wake up this sleeping giant – your determination and resolve and your financial acumen, and put it to work for you.  I agree, this won’t be easy as you will come across lethargy and old routines as a road block. You have to overcome these. Look for your own prescription to counter these as there is no hard and fast formula for this. As for lethargy, your greed to earn more, have more; own more can possibly come as an antidote. These products of greed will not only shake off your lethargy, but also prepare your subconscious to get more, have more and own more state of mind. You will soon start seeing the results which will amaze you.
Your old routine, behavior or habits will need some strong medicine. Habits are stubborn and refuse to leave your company easily.  They need to be pushed out of your system totally. It is like a cancer, if even a trace remains in your body, it soon develops to a full blown malignancy. Have you ever wondered what habit is spelt like H-A-B-I-T , let’s say you have a bad habit of smoking and your friends say you must quit smoking, you try, you drop H from habit, what remains is A,BIT. Now your friend’s say, no that is not good enough, you got to stop smoking and you try harder, you drop H & A, what remains is BIT, and as a last ditch push, you drop H, A & B also, IT remains. Generally habits once formed or acquired, don’t leave you easily. Hence my preference for the word “style” or “behavior” in place of habit. You have to really work hard on this aspect and tune your sub conscious to be receptive to your needs, demands and wishes.
Some three years back, I was confronted with a similar situation, when I decided to be my own boss. While I had taken a firm resolves to venture into consulting and online business, my mind kept on finding excuses to delay the start up. The biggest factor that kept me away was the fear of losing, losing money, losing self-esteem and social recognition. While initially I made some small investments, the fear held me back from spending on creating support system. The result was predictable – lost even that small investment and time. It took me almost two years to tune my sub conscious with the conscious thought process to a common goal, achieve financial freedom. It was then, I won’t say easy, but not too difficult to get started.
Being rich and successful is not something that you can pass on to someone, generation to generation. A person has to work for it, have financial wisdom, and determination to succeed, not to fail. We see daily how big, established and successful enterprises tumble down daily like a clay house with the change of guard. On the other hand, we also see fresh start ups giving stiff competition to the established players. Ultimately it all boils down to you, you and you.
Remember, being smart is just not enough; one must be bold to succeed.
This article is based on my understanding of couple of concepts discussed by Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I strongly recommend for all of you to read.

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