4 Percent – 7 Steps to Success In Life – Step 5: Believe It Is Possible

The success in any task or assignment can only be achieved only if you have firm belief that you can succeed. A firm belief in one’s ability to not only succeed but succeed in a manner that it sets an example for the followers. Any element of doubt will only help the failure to embrace the person trying to achieve them. Read on how to succeed in your mission.

4 Percent – Seven Steps To Results In Life –

Step 5: Believe It Is Possible

If you’ve been reading my previous articles, you’ll be up to date with 4 of the 7 steps to Success that I’ve covered. And if you’ve been taking my advice seriously, you’d have completed the following 4 steps:

Step 1: You’ve manned up and taken responsibility for your life.

Step 2: You’ve set your goals and been extremely specific about the things you want to achieve

Step 3: You’ve also identified a series of short terms goals, which will act as a roadmap to the larger aim you have for yourself.

Step 4: For more efficiency, you’ve allotted deadlines to each goal so that you can track your progress.


Now what?

Now, take a deep breath and tell yourself again and again, “I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Yes, that’s Step 5: Believe you can do it. Believe it is possible.

You may wonder why I’ve included such a mundane piece of advice among the 7 steps to success. Maybe you were expecting something more formidable, more impactful, or more profound. And here I have handed out something that looks like it was borrowed from a fortune cookie.

I’ll tell you why I believe this is an important step. In my experience, people are great at planning things, because the entire exercise is purely theoretical in nature. But when it’s time to take the plunge … they get completely overwhelmed by the task they’ve undertaken. Confidence deserts them, its place taken over by self-doubt, which slowly and steadily erodes conviction. Even though they may ford ahead, it’s mainly out of false bravado, and eventually, the quest is doomed to fail.

That’s why I strongly believe what Theodore Roosevelt said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Doing so is important for two reasons:

  1. Believing yourself is the confidence boost you need to move ahead in life.
  2. It also works as a self-fulfilling prophecy because when you believe success is attainable, you make it so.

Too many people give up on their pursuit of success because they lose belief in themselves. There could be several reasons for this – fear of failure, lack of will power, feeling of demotivation – but the end result is always the same: Failure.

No, I am not saying such people don’t amount to anything in life or live in abject misery. They do well and lead a decent life. But I still say they failed because they weren’t able to maximize their potential. They didn’t explore the possibilities or live life to the hilt. And that just saddens me.

So I say to you again: Take a deep breath and believe you can do it. Believe it with your heart and soul, believe it with every fiber in your body. Say it to yourself before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Live it, breathe it, accept it. And with each positive affirmation, you will notice that your goal becomes more and more possible with every passing minute.

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