6 Ways To Build The Guest Experience Around Automation

Winning the heart of guests has always kept the hoteliers on their toes. And now, with automation in the mix, the stakes are even higher! Struggling to keep up with the evolving industry trends? Take a look at how you can incorporate the industry’s latest trend, without giving compromising on quality.

From Economy to Luxury, What Matters Most to Hotel Guests

In today’s age of social media where every individual’s opinion is typed out in 140 characters or fewer, an old Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhavah” is perhaps a more pronounced mantra on how to treat guests. Be it a luxury Four Seasons or a budget Premier Inn, all guests are entitled to a warm welcome, a friendly face, attentive service and a lot more. This article shares a few interesting insights on what exactly modern travelers want and expect from their stay at your hotel.

Experiences, Not Amenities, Are Becoming the Key Focus in Hotels

You may think that amenities rank amongst the top priorities for a guest, but the truth is that travelers nowadays are in search of unique, memorable experiences, that they can talk about with gusto and share on social media. In light of this development, hotels will need to re-focus their attention on selling experiences so that they can continue their guests something more than a place to sleep.