Female Solo Travelers: The Demographic Hotels Should Tap Into

More and more women are choosing to travel alone, and the hospitality industry is realizing the need to cater to them and ensure that not only do they have a pleasant stay, but also a secure one. So how are hotels fairing in this effort? Read the article to find out!

6 Ways To Build The Guest Experience Around Automation

Winning the heart of guests has always kept the hoteliers on their toes. And now, with automation in the mix, the stakes are even higher! Struggling to keep up with the evolving industry trends? Take a look at how you can incorporate the industry’s latest trend, without giving compromising on quality.

The Renaissance Of the Hotel Room Service

Not long ago, hotel room service was perhaps the least exciting aspect of a traveler’s stay. With only the barest minimum being offered, guests didn’t really have a lot to expect from room service. But these days, with hotels reinventing their offerings and paying more attention to the needs of their guests, room service has some interesting surprises up their sleeves.

Restaurant Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

A restaurant’s design plays a vital role in attracting customers, and this is something the hospitality sector has been playing close attention to since the past few years. 2018 will be no different in this regard. This article will focus on the restaurant design trends that are expected to be popular this year.

Say Cheers to Herb Infused Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have been a crowd pleaser for ages, but now, a new kid is stealing the thunder – herb-infused alcohol. It has all the goodness of your favorite drink, but the extra punch of your favorite herbs and spices. Intrigued? Read this article to know more about this trend that’s about to take off in a big way!

Taking a Sneak Peek Into Restaurants of the Future

The past decade has fared well for the restaurant industry, especially the casual concepts. But with increased competition, can ‘good food, fast food’ really be enough? As we take a peek into the future, turns out, quality food and convenience will only get you so far. Thoughtful, unique interior design is critical in getting customers through the door and keep them coming back for more. Take a look at these restaurant design trends that will have you prepared for the future.

From Economy to Luxury, What Matters Most to Hotel Guests

In today’s age of social media where every individual’s opinion is typed out in 140 characters or fewer, an old Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhavah” is perhaps a more pronounced mantra on how to treat guests. Be it a luxury Four Seasons or a budget Premier Inn, all guests are entitled to a warm welcome, a friendly face, attentive service and a lot more. This article shares a few interesting insights on what exactly modern travelers want and expect from their stay at your hotel.

5 Senses: The Key to Improving Guest Experience in Your Restaurant

Restaurants have become a very competitive market. Now more than ever it’s essential to keep the guests satisfied and provide them with the best experience. In this article, I’m going to explore certain factors that influence customers to choose a restaurant, and the things that should take the forefront as far as improving guest experience is concerned.

Technology: Transforming the Guest Rooms of the Future

Technology has always been instrumental in reshaping the world time and again. And when it touches almost every other aspect of our life, how can we expect hotels to remain unaffected? Here are some examples of what the hotel rooms of the future are going to look like – and it looks really exciting!