How Mobile Keys Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has seen a change in the tides after the COVID-19 pandemic and the guests’ preference for contactless experiences. From mobile check-ins to virtual keys, we see why the industry needs to transition from the human to the technological.

The Re-Rise of Tourism: How to Bolster Confidence in the New Breed of Nervous Travelers

The travel and hospitality industry has been the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic. But it’s on its way to picking itself up again, now that countries are relaxing their travel guidelines and hotels are being allowed to open their doors. That said, hotels and tour operators will have to remember that they’re now dealing with a new brand of travelers, one that’s increasingly nervous and extremely suspicious.

Hotel Events & COVID – How is the Pandemic Likely to Impact MICE?

COVID-19 has no doubt put a dent in everyone’s business plans, but it has especially affected the hotel industry by taking away a major source of revenue that comes from events and travel. In part one of “How Things Are Likely to Be Post-Pandemic”, let’s discuss this topic in relation to MICE travel and events.

Hospitality Industry Preparing For Life After COVID-19!

‘Unprecedented’ – that is the word people are using to describe the pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. And in this situation, all tried and tested measures of crisis management have flown out of the window. If the tourism and hospitality industry are to stay afloat, they will have to find different ways to use this time at hand.

Top Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry

The nature of marketing has changed in the past few decades, as have the tools used to reach to your new audience. Has your marketing strategy evolved in keeping with the times? If not, here are the tools you should factor in when drawing up a promotion plan for your hotel.

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

On the face of it, doing business through Facebook, attracting consumers to your page, and increasing conversions looks pretty easy. But it can become quite difficult if you don’t have a proper strategy in place.

The pointers in this article will help you avoid all the common mistakes people make when creating a profile on Facebook to market their business. Go ahead and fix any mistakes you may have made and get cracking on establishing a powerful presence online.

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success Go Reach Out and Achieve Your Dreams!

Have you been blaming external factors for your lack of success? Maybe you should look inward and find out if the real problem isn’t within you. Are you looking forward to success or secretly hoping that it never comes your way?

How to Become an Online Influencer: 10 Super Easy Hacks

The ultimate goal of any form of marketing, be it print in media, display media or digital is only one, that is to influence the mind of the consumers. How would that get boosted if the marketing message was delivered by an influencer like a celebrity or a known expert in the field? Won’t it get accepted much more easily and many more times? This is the power of influencer marketing. Read on how to do it…