7 Must-do’s For Greater Success with Social Media Marketing

In the real world, we’re quite mindful of how we conduct ourselves professionally. It’s not all that different when it comes to the social media. Just like you’re unlikely to walk into your office dressed in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian tee shirt, your personal posts should not make their way into your professional profile and neither should you inundate your personal timeline with business related content. If you’re able to remember that fine difference, you’ll be fine.

Looking For Greater Success with Social Media Marketing?

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What is the first thing you do when you come across a new business contact? Do a quick search on the Internet and look up their social media profiles, right? After all, that is the easiest and fastest way to get information on them and their standing in the industry.

In this day and age, it’s safe to say that having a respectable social media presence is important, especially in our professional capacity. After all, it is the platform that puts you out there in front of the world. It gives you your very own stage where you can showcase the best in you.

But the question is, what can you do to have an attractive, yet professional, social media presence? In answer, I will say that it isn’t difficult to build a social reputation on the Internet, but it does require time and effort. Here are a few quick pointers that you can follow to have an attractive social media profile.

1.   Regular Professional Updates On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform dedicated to professional community building. It was created to facilitate networking with clients, consultants, service providers, vendors, and other people in your industry. In addition, it also provides the platform to become the influencer that you aspire to be.

For obvious reasons, LinkedIn is the one place you should build a very strong profile. And to do that, just a cool bio and description isn’t enough. You will also need to post relevant content regularly. And don’t forget to keep personal posts off this platform. LinkedIn is not the place to share your selfie. Not only will it look odd, it can actually undervalue your standing as a professional.

2. Be Accurate And Use Correct Spelling & Grammar

Regardless of the social media platform you’re using or the nature of your post you’re sending out, it is imperative that you use correct spelling and grammar. Shortened words, slang language, poor punctuation, and sloppy sentences aren’t just signs of juvenile and casual behavior, they also make you look extremely unprofessional.

Being creative and using language to relate to the younger audience is certainly a good thing, but you will have to make sure that you’re not going overboard with the whole idea. Do it within the limits of smartness and always double-check before you post to ensure both spelling and grammar are correct.

3. Make Your Messaging and Objectives Clear

Once you start posting regularly on social media, your audience will expect a purpose behind everything you put up. So, before you post anything, ask yourself these questions:


  • What’s the aim of this post?
  • Is it relevant to your target audience?
  • Are you able to deliver your message in an intelligent manner?

Don’t just dump information on your audience for the heck of it. What you’re saying should also be relevant to them. Also, have a very clear call to action (CTA). Don’t leave your audience guessing what you want them to do. Spell it out for them clearly or you’ll fail to engage them.

4. Separate Your Personal and Business Profiles

There are numerous professionals who use one social media profile for both business and personal reasons. It’s a bad idea to do so. Your business profile should be separated from your personal one. Your college friends won’t be interested in seeing multiple posts related to growing website traffic and your clients won’t be too impressed with pictures of your furry pet. So segregate posts according to your audience and keep your personal and professional profiles separate.

5. Share Content From Websites Other Than Your Own

If you’re only sharing content from your website, it tells the audience that your view is the only one that matters. If you actually want to facilitate an interaction with prospective customers and add value to their lives, there are other voices that you should share with them. The idea is to promote you, but not come across as too self-serving in the process. Share posts from other influencers in the niche, keep your audience updated on the developments in your industry, and offer them more than just what’s going up on your website and blog.

6. Never Post Sensitive Information Online

It goes without saying that you should be extremely mindful of the content you release as a business. Do not post sensitive information on your social media profile. Your rivals are keeping an eye on everything that you’re putting out. If you happen to leak confidential information about your business, even by mistake, it will hurt your reputation. Also, when posting information related to clients (for example, in the form of testimonials), make sure you’ve got a green signal from them. If they want to protect their privacy, respect their wishes and don’t go against it.

7. Stay Away From Controversies

Once you start getting attention online, you’re likely to find yourself courting controversies without even meaning to. And while it is important for you to share your views and opinions without any prejudice, you should do so in a way that doesn’t offend anyone. Remember that negative publicity makes you appear less trustworthy. And losing your street cred in the industry is the worst thing that can happen to you. Avoid it all costs.

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