Do Others Influence Your Decisions?

Sometimes I wonder why people are hesitant to take decisions on their own knowing fully well that not taking decision on an issue could adversely harm their own interests. Here we discuss the conflicts in decision making, how others views can influence your decisions and how to come out as a winning decision maker.

How to Become an Online Influencer: 10 Super Easy Hacks

The ultimate goal of any form of marketing, be it print in media, display media or digital is only one, that is to influence the mind of the consumers. How would that get boosted if the marketing message was delivered by an influencer like a celebrity or a known expert in the field? Won’t it get accepted much more easily and many more times? This is the power of influencer marketing. Read on how to do it…

How to Generate Leads on Instagram: The Picture Perfect Way to Success

Instagram is the most popular social interaction platform today. With over 600 million active users it is giving tough competition to all other platforms. While social interactions and casual chats keep the users busy, it provides an excellent opportunity to generate organic leads for your business. Here we discuss just how you could use this free tool to further your business interests….

4 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Opening a store or designing a website is the first simple step towards establishing your own business, the most important part is to attract the buyers and customers. There is no business without the customer or what people also refer to as the traffic. In this blog we discuss 4 simple strategies that can help you in attracting traffic to your store or website. Read on…

Why Do 96% People Fail to Make Money Online?

There are valid reasons for 96% of people sharing only 4% of the wealth or earnings. If that was not so, why would only 4% people share the massive chunk of 96% of wealth? Those who understand the logic and the reasons successfully push themselves up in the 4% group. Where would you like to be? Part of the elite 4% or the common 96%? Read on and decide for yourself.

4 Percent – 7 Steps to Success In Life – Step 7: Practice Gratitude to Receive Abundance

For many expressing gratitude seems to be a very difficult proposition. A simple “Thank You” is all that is needed to express your gratitude. It is perhaps one of the greatest expressions of humbleness and defines your own attitude to life. Always express your gratitude graciously, it will make you stand out from the crowd.

4 Percent – 7 Steps to Results In Life – Step 6: Start Acting … Now!

It is a known fact that to achieve anything in life one has to do a number of things. The most important of these “to do things” is taking action and massive action. Unless one acts nothing happens. Yet I find people most hesitant to do just that. Here is why this happens and how to overcome the shyness to act to act, get results and ultimate success.

4 Percent – 7 Steps to Success In Life – Step 3: Create a Road-map of Your Journey

If you want to reach a particular destination in life, it is one thing to define that destination but equally important is to define, understand and plan a road map to reach that destination. This will act as a guide to you to reach that final goal….this blog explains how to do just that.

Four Percent – 7 Steps to Results – Sure Shot Ways to Kick Start Your Journey to Success – Step – 1

Many of us recognize the astonishing way in which success seems to be beyond our reach. Every time we think we can grab it, results or success simply takes a few steps back and we’re left reaching for thin air. After several such futile attempts, we’re left with no other option but to turn around and walk away, telling ourselves dejectedly that, maybe, success wasn’t meant for us. Do you really want to walk away?