Workspitality: A New Trend that is Helping Hotels Reinvent Themselves

Hospitality and Travel have experienced the unprecedented impact in the wake of a pandemic that has confined even the most enthusiastic travelers to their homes. For working professionals, the lines between work and home have become blurred as several companies have passed the work from home mandate that could extend well into the near future. However, with India lifting the travel restrictions recently, a new trend of taking work-from-hotel vacations (nicknamed ‘workations’) brings relief and inspiration not only to travelers but also to the hospitality industry.

Technology and Bench-marking: What is Expected of the Hospitality Industry?

Even before the pandemic, hotels were in the process of switching over to technologically robust measures and service offerings to cater to the 21st century traveler. But with the novel corona virus wreaking untold havoc on the world, hotels have discovered that technology might just be the savior they need to pull them up from this slump

Marketing Hotels in the Time of COVID-19

In times of crisis, the first thing that companies tend to cut back on is their marketing budget. While this might save money in the short run, it could also delay recovery of your hotel. So, relook your decision of halting marketing and focus, instead, on making the strategy more relevant to current times.

Hotels in the Pandemic: A Tale of COVID & Thinking Out of the Box

They say tough times call for tough measures. I believe that tough times demand that you rethink the way you’ve been doing business and come up with innovative ways to put yourself back on your feet. The hotel industry, especially, will have to do this in order to emerge from this pandemic and recover their losses.

Hotels & Events: What’s it Going to be Like in a Post-pandemic World?

The hospitality industry has taken quite a beating in the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that things are starting to return to some semblance of normalcy, what will the new post-pandemic normal look like for hotels? In part two of the “How Things Are Likely to Be Post-Pandemic”, let’s discuss this in relation to the non-business event industry.

The Re-Rise of Tourism: How to Bolster Confidence in the New Breed of Nervous Travelers

The travel and hospitality industry has been the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic. But it’s on its way to picking itself up again, now that countries are relaxing their travel guidelines and hotels are being allowed to open their doors. That said, hotels and tour operators will have to remember that they’re now dealing with a new brand of travelers, one that’s increasingly nervous and extremely suspicious.

Hotel Events & COVID – How is the Pandemic Likely to Impact MICE?

COVID-19 has no doubt put a dent in everyone’s business plans, but it has especially affected the hotel industry by taking away a major source of revenue that comes from events and travel. In part one of “How Things Are Likely to Be Post-Pandemic”, let’s discuss this topic in relation to MICE travel and events.

Post COVID-19 Hotel Architecture Challenges – Restoring Consumer Confidence

Of all the sectors affected by the pandemic, the hotel industry has probably been the hardest hit. But hoteliers are pouring all their energy into getting back on their feet. Part of their strategy deals with changing hotel architecture so that their establishments are safer in an age where the novel corona virus has robbed us of our freedom and confidence.

Can Technology Make Hotel Experience Safer In Post-COVID-19 World?

The hospitality industry has always been dependent on technology to make its offerings more relevant to the modern world. However, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology will be integral to making hotel stay safer for travelers. Hoteliers will have to factor it into their plans going forward so that they’re able to build trust and impart a sense of security to the travelers across the world.